Dreams, Designs, Makes it happen

Mordag Design, the Studio of Rational Art has been designing products for a wide range sectors that span span technology, housewares, accessories, industrial products, office wares, furniture, underwater, urban furniture, architectural installations. It offers industrial design & product development services from concept generation to manufacturing. Thanks to its innovative approach and engineering infrastructure, it has provided dozens of patents  to its customers. Within this broad spectrum Mordag Design won numerous awards in 6 different sectors. Millions of products with Mordag’s design signature meet its users in more than 25 countries.

360 Degrees Support in Product Development

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: Technology Products, Home Appliances, Industrial Equipment, Architectural Units, Home, Garden and Urban Furniture, Underwater Equipment, Fast Consumption Products, Display Systems

ENGINEERING & DEVELOPMENT: Mechanical Design, Parts and Assembly optimization, Design for mass production

PROTOTYPING: Rapid prototyping, Model and mockup production, Cosmetic / Working prototype manufacturing

PRODUCTION: Low quantity production, Mold production, Mass production, Production management, Packaging design & production

REGISTRATIONS: Design, Utility Model, Patent Registrations

PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: Photo-realistic visualization, Product animations, Studio shots, Promotional films


From Concept to Production

The creative process of each project, regardless of its intention & scope has three main pillars. Empathy:  Understanding the needs, motivations, problems of the brand & the user. Ideation: Generating a lot of ideas. Brainstorming is one technique, but there are many others. Experimentation: Testing those ideas with prototyping to validate ideas and assumptions. The end result is achieved in the light of this design thinking approach and advances through the following steps.

CONCEPT: Design is responsible about providing answers to three essential questions: the essence that defines the object, its functionality that renders the utility and its aesthetics. Generating new ideas re-formulates concepts, suggests solutions considering the requests and creates a fresh perspective. It is critical to generate free and innovative ideas and this is only possible by thinking without any limits. This kind of approach induces the project to overcome the limits at all stages: Design, Development, Marketing etc. Otherwise design is limited to presenting what is already available inside different forms. Brainstorming is performed in the light of market research. During brainstorming every idea is valuable. Only after, the ideas are evaluated based on realistic design criteria. 

STRATEGY: The relationship between the product and the target market is examined in the first place. That leads to substantial information, which often shows a very rational approach to the design. Carrying out a good market research, anticipating the details that can provide added value for the brand, understanding the nature and the potential of the market and respecting the differences between the markets are factors that are considered with care during the design process. Tracking the market trends and thus creating opportunities to induce future tendencies is essential for a successful market competition. 

RESEARCH: In order to provide a high-quality design service, it is vital to carry out a detailed market research and to evaluate the latest developments, trends and the economic scenery. It is critical to understand the needs in the market and to detect the unanswered requirements. This enables the creation of added value for the company through the designed product. The research methods include the comparison of existing products, and the observation of consumers, their product purchase and lifestyle tendencies. Understanding the company’s position in the market and shaping the design strategy in the light of the anticipated needs are crucial aspects, founded on the market research stage.

DESIGN: Finding the right design strategy is crucial for a strong impact on the market. Sometimes this can be achieved through a product or a product line. But sometimes a new marketing campaign or simply a new packaging concept can achieve the same result through a more efficient way. The design of a new product or a product series for the brand is a hard but often the most effective approach. The design phase of the project is crucial to achieve a viable and profitable product. Throughout the design phase, the client is informed about all the parameters that have an effect on the feasibility of the project. At the end this stage besides the design details such as aesthetics, ergonomics, interface also the materials, required manufacturing processes should be finalized for a smooth production stage.

ENGINEERING: Engineering services during the development phase include the preparation of prototypes and the generation of rational and practical solutions concerning product components. Additionally, the production process is monitored solutions are provided to problems which may arise during.Design and engineering should proceed coherently through the product development phase. In this stage it has to be ensured that the required revisions comply with the design criteria that are set by the design brief, such as the outlook, ergonomics, product interface etc.

PRODUCTION: The production phase that is initiated with the finalization of production data, continues with precise and coordinated work with the R&D department and manufacturing. In the production phase, technical suggestions & solution for the arising problems are provided to the manufacturer. It is ensured that the necessary final revisions are handled in coordination with the R&D and the marketing departments.

COMMUNICATION: At the launch of the project, to achieve a consistent and qualified communication language is crucial for the product. This is important in strengthening the link between the product and the consumer. Today, the communication quality of the product to the target market is as important as the quality of the product itself. Taking the right decisions regarding visual specifications, graphics, and marketing factors on the point of purchase are also very important for a successful product. A mediocre product can be successful in sales through a skilled presentation and communication language. In the same sense, a good product can fail due to a wrong presentation and marketing language.

EFFECT: By monitoring the market impact of the designed product, the company is assisted in determining its future strategies concerning the product and other new projects. Working in coordination with the company’s marketing team and in the light of indications on market impact, further projects and product concepts are generated and suggested.The protection of intellectual property rights of the projects is crucial. The visual, technical drawings and initial textual data necessary for initiating the application for design, utility model and patent registrations are provided.

Pursues Logic & Beauty

Born 1977 in Istanbul.  After completing German High School in 1996, he received his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bosphorus University in 2001. The will to unite his passion for creative arts and his ability in positive sciences guided him into the world of Industrial Design. He completed his MA degree on Industrial Product Design at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Returning to Istanbul in 2005, before launching Mordag Design he worked for Eczacıbaşı Vitra and T-Design as product designer. Mordağ has been designing permanent products, combining logic and beauty for a wide range of sectors. He thinks that the universe has proven its great expertise in esthetics, because its logical approach to creation is flawless. Without exception it has been introducing the stunning beauty, where every single curve, connection, dimension can be explained through rationality. Music, color, shape, each of them has a certain mathematics that leads to beauty. Design is responsible for learning and performing this mathematics in its unique field. Mordag aims to achieve beauty through reasoning, which he calls as rational art.

Rational Art

BEAUTY WITHOUT EXCEPTION: The universe has proven its great expertise in esthetics, because its logical approach to creation is flawless. Without exception it has been introducing the stunning beauty, where every single curve, connection, dimension can be explained through rationality. Industrial Design is the art to improve the amazing diversity of this environment by touching its visual composition and its way of functioning. It needs to be done in a way; the nature has been using to design for billions of years. In this sense, Mordag aims to achieve beauty without exception through reasoning, which he calls as rational art.

EVOLUTION: Industrial Design aims to move the society forward through evolution of the environment, addition of new values and presentation of the future. Each project, each part demands a lot of investment, labor and brings considerable burden into the environment and that has to be for more than a senseless diversity.

REASONING: The main assessment of Mordag’s approach to design is rationalism. The nature and the evolution process function in the intention of making things more efficient. Every single decision for achieving this has very just reasons. Design is a small-scaled exercise of this approach. Every added or erased line is for achieving the result (idea, product, system) in a more efficient way. 

ESTHETICS IS AN ABSOLUTE TERM: In terms of esthetics, objects have to be evaluated right or wrong rather than nice and ugly. The reason a cumbersome boat’s ugliness is its non-hydrodynamic construction. A non-ergonomic design for a chair or pencil cannot appeal the eye. An oversized fixture is also visually disturbing. Esthetics is made of numbers and proportions identified to our mind by the rules of logic. Music, color, shape, each of them has a certain mathematics that leads to beauty. Design is responsible for learning and performing this mathematics in its unique field. Rational design is the only method of the evolution process to progress for millions of years. Each detail designed by the nature through this approach has been visually in harmony with the esthetic values of the human mind. Because, human is a result of this approach as well.

RESPONSIBILITY: Designing means composing the environment for the society, acquiring the right to reshape the world. This is why it introduces one of the most complex responsibilities ever. You have to better in order to serve the quality of your life and of the society, both in such a direct way, but with such unlike affections. 

Form vs. Function

All designs can be divided into two main groups: Form-oriented and Function-oriented. The main starting point in each should be rationalism. In this sense, each line drawn or deleted has very clear reasons.

FORM: The first step in form-oriented projects is to find the impulse source of the form or idea required for design. Before the pen & paper, all kinds of visuals and writings related to this design are examined. For example, for a seat design, where the inspiration theme should be water, the water surface is photographed while various objects are thrown into the water. For a grater design, cheeses are sliced, grated and all the upcoming forms are photographed and achieved. A soup bowl design can begin by exploring the history of the soup and exploring the epistemological origin of the word “soup. Then the form leading to the design can rise from draining hot water over bread slices. In this sense for another project small metal rings are placed on the water to convert the surface tension concept into an image. Or the first step of some other project can be to investigate the node details used in the carpet waving craft. Each design must have a story, which must be found before the drawing starts.

FUNCTION: In function-oriented projects, design acts as a problem-solving art. The aim is to solve an unresolved problem through geometry, physics and materials. And at the end, the visual quality of the result is the most beautiful ornament of the designed solution. Through this industrial design is not an expertise that only offers aesthetic, boutique or fashion products. It is the art of developing rational solutions to the problems around us. 

UNINTENDED INSPIRATIONS: On the other hand, our spirit bears traces of our environment, loved ones, the air we breathe in. These traces are our unintended inspirations and touch everything we create. They are the most inevitable and perhaps the most sincere nutrients of design.