There is a Turk in Edison Awards Judge


A Turk in the Edison Awards jury

There is a Turk in the "Edison Awards 2020" jury awarded by Edison Universe to the most innovative products, services and business leaders in the world. Industrial Designer Mete Mordağ will be the only Turkish in the award jury. Mordağ, who has been working in the field of industrial design for 12 years, has over 100 product design and 6 different awards. The smart cane WeWALK, designed for the visually impaired, was awarded the Edison Gold Award in 2018.

Industrial Designer Mete Mordağ, who has been working on many different sector designs such as technology products, home appliances, kitchenware, accessories, furniture, diving equipment, architectural equipment, building sector since 2007, as the only Turkish in a jury of 150 people at the Edison Awards. will vote. The smart cane WeWALK is among the more than 25 patents and 100s of designs.

The Edison Awards, which have been held since 1987, symbolize credibility in innovation. Evaluations for the Edison Awards to be held in 2020 will continue until December 15.

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