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Palmiye’s bioclimatic pergola system Skyroof Prestige, which was designed by Mete Mordağ, won the '2019 Good Design Award' at the Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards. Skyroof offers a perfectly  isolated environment against air and water. The system offers full-open, half-open or fully closed men with ceiling panels that open with an electric motor and can also be collected at the back.

At the Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards, Mete Mordağ, who won 4 "Good Design Awards" with its designs in 4 different sectors, does not sacrifice durability with its `` Skyroof Prestige '' design. The design can provide an environment to be established even in the regions with the harshest weather conditions.

Interest in modular designs is increasing

The interest in modular and adaptable designs is growing in parallel with the shrinking areas and business environments. Attracting attention with its plain, uninterrupted and clean appearance, 'Skyroof Prestige' provides a wide range of modulation opportunities to cover different sizes with its flexible, compact and modular structure. At the Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards, the bioclimatic pergola system, which won the '2019 Good Design Award', enables the ceiling to be opened up to 70 percent with the special truss system 'Skyroof Prestige'. 'Skyroof Prestige' enables all panels to be opened simultaneously and backwards with this special synchronization movement.

The industrial sector becomes digital with the industrial design

Industrial design with the digitalization of the building industry; continues to take an active role in a wide range of products ranging from technology products to home appliances, from kitchenware to building products. The industrial design, which provides the best idea, the most efficient, the most stylish and the most cost-effective with the possibilities of technology, also serves as an important bridge between the brand and the consumer. Skyroof Prestige ceiling profile is one of the best examples of the added value created by industrial design as the most efficient ceiling panel profile in the extendable ceiling systems market with its 70% aggregation value, 325mm width and weight below 5kg / m.

Smart products that enter our living spaces and begin to shape them make both our life and the use of designs easier. 'Skyroof Prestige', which can be controlled by smartphones, allows you to enter fresh air with a button, while also supporting you to create your own ventilation scenario.

Industrial design must meet a need

'Skyroof Prestige' responds to all needs by providing the most effective evaluation of the project area with its modular compatibility, accessory variety, continuously developable structure and modular design for different locations.

Drawing attention to the importance of the good designs and the added value they can create, Mete Mordağ said, “Mordag Design Studio and Palmiye have a deep-rooted collaboration history. In 2014, our collaboration with Storexy and Pente awning systems were awarded with 2 good design awards in our collaboration, which was nearly 10 years old. "Skyroof Prestige" has recently been entitled to receive the "2019 Good Design Award" at the Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards with its modular and smart design. "

Mordağ said, “It is not enough to have a good idea in the design process, this idea should be transformed into a product with the lowest possible cost and this product should be both accessible and easy to use. Companies that use industrial design as an effective tool by successfully carrying out all these processes provide a great advantage in the competition. ”

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