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Mete Mordag, founder of Mordag Design Studio, has gained international acclaim over the last 12 years. Working across a range of fields, Mete Mordag designs are sold in more than 25 countries, comprising over 100 products. The Studio is working on extraordinary projects for the coming period…

Could you tell us how you form your collections? What inspires you?

We can divide all projects into two groups: Form-based projects and technical-oriented projects. The main starting point in each is rationalism. Every line you draw or remove must have very clear reasons.

The first step in form-oriented projects is to find the impulse source of the form or idea required for the design. Before the pen paper, I examine all kinds of words, images and text that the design in question evokes. These inputs can drive the project in incredible directions. For example, for a seat that needs water contact, I begin to photograph the surfaces formed on the water by immersing objects in the water before paper. The design of a soup bowl begins with reading the history of the soup, searching for the origin of the word "soup". Then I find myself pouring boiling water over the slices of bread. Searching for the knots used in the carpet industry for a basket project can be the first step of the project. For example, PlastArt's special texture detailing on Gördes home-bathroom products was born in the Gördes accident of the Aegean Region and derived from the knot known as “Turkish knot” in the carpeting literature.

In technical oriented projects, design comes to life as a problem solving art. You are trying to solve a problem that has not been solved before through geometry, physics and materials, and the amazing beauty that the result carries visually becomes its most beautiful ornament. Airties 'Air4960 WiFi6 Modem, Redon Hybrid Dental CNC Device or Miops' Capsule 360 Camera Motion Unit are good examples of such projects.

The common thing of all is to use the material and technique to the end, instead of adding new lines around us, trying to erase the existing ones. I believe that eraser should be used rather than pencil. In this sense, I think the main purpose of good design is not to draw but to delete…

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